Artist Statement

As a young child growing up in California, it was inevitable that most days I could be found exploring outdoors. I didn’t think about my human connection with nature, I just knew that it felt natural. When my parents gave me my first camera, a whole new world opened. I suddenly had the means to capture this incredible feeling, to document my adventures to share with others. From that moment on, I have cherished every opportunity open to me to photograph the world around me.

Photography is a means of self-expression, a tool for healing, relaxing, renewal and documentation. I endeavor to capture the tiny delicate inner workings of the Earth – what makes it tick, how it operates. I see elements of our natural world that are full of line, texture, shape and form. Beauty is enhanced in a variety of ways, and I delight in finding ways to communicate this in a visceral way. When I see Earth, I see life force. When I see water, I see a life-sustaining element that we must value.

I find inspiration in Earth through the parallels of light and dark, interpreting the shades of color as symbolic representation of my own life experience.  Thru personal challenges, I have found resonance through nature, creating a deep appreciation for the ethereal beauty of the Earth. I share my work with others in the hope they too will understand the balance and healing of one’s spirit that comes with embracing the natural world around us.

I am passionate about our environment. Water conservation, population growth, climate change, the effects of consumerism – all of these factors play a large part in determining the future of our planet. It is only when we acknowledge our reality and take steps towards solutions that we are doing our part as a society. Photography has the power to influence and change the heart and mind, to celebrate our differences and embrace our diversity, to heal the spirit. Open your eyes, open your heart, and go outside.