Welcome to my Site…. I like to camp, hike, spend time with family and friends and learn about the world and all its changes…I love the earth and all its beauty. I currently have an MFA in photography at the Academy of Art/San Francisco as well as a BA in Graphic Design from Brooks Institute/Santa Barbara and it is my hope and goal to attain employment in the field of Wildlife and Land conservation. I have a great passion for preserving our Wildlife and keeping our land free from misuse and I hope to use my experience and education in photography, package design and print design for creative ventures outside of the normal venues. I have had the privilege to work in a variety of professions, the most current being a freelance graphic designer/photographer for several non-profit businesses. I also understand all basic office duties and have had experience with event planning and worked closely with Civil, Mechanical, Environmental, Structural Engineers, and Surveyors, Landscape Architects technical writers and other upper management staff.